Frequently Asked Questions

How much?

The session fee is $29.  There is a limit of three (3) portrait subjects per session. Additional portrait subjects will require an additional session, which may be booked as you book your primary session.  The full price list is located here.

How long does everything take?

Portrait sessions are 30 minutes.  That may not seem like a long time, but it’s FOREVER to a pet trying keep on their best behavior.  As soon as your session is over, you’ll get the chance to pick out your favorite portraits.

Where are you located?

Sessions take place at various pet oriented businesses throughout the Greater Houston Area.  To see the most up to date listing of available locations, dates and times, visit the Book Now page.

Can I be in the photos?

Short answer: Of course!  People are always welcomed to be a part of the sessions.  Check out the Ankle Biters page to see a fun way to participate without even having to smile. 🙂

Long answer:  Studio sessions are limited three (3) portrait subjects.  That being said, you’re welcomed to step into a photo or two, even if you have 3 pets being photographed.

Do you photograph any pets besides dogs?

Yes.  Dogs are the overwhelming majority of the pets that come in, but most indoor pets are welcomed.  In fact, check out this little guy. That tomato is smaller than a baseball. 🙂

What if my pet isn’t well behaved?

You know your pet better than anyone else, but we can deal with just about anything besides aggression issues.  The important thing it not to worry.  It’s extremely rare that we don’t come away with at least one fantastic portrait.  Give it a shot.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have props and clothing available?

Pet owners are encouraged to bring their own stuff, so there isn’t a question of proper sizing.  Sessions have included everything from seasonal costumes for a calendar, to a dog-friendly birthday cake.

I’m ready to book a session.  Now what?

Great!  Just click the link below.



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