Pet Portraits
Made Simple

Studio Pup makes it easy to own great portraits of your pets by bringing the portrait studio to you.

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Studio Pup is the solution to a problem you didn’t even know you had.

Finding a local photographer interested in pet portraits has always been difficult.  Pets don’t usually smile on command, and dealing with the messes can be unpleasant.

Since 2009, Studio Pup has been dedicated exclusively to capturing the love and joy that pets bring into our lives.

The goal was to create a safe environment with elegantly simple styling, that finally gives pet owners the chance to have the perfect pet portrait.


How Does It Work?


Whether the session is at a local grooming shop, vet clinic or even your own home, safety is always the first priority.  Pets are within reach of their owners throughout the session. Clever posing and retouching make leashes invisible in the final portraits.


Using the simplicity of a white background allows the portrait to stand the test of time.  Pet owners are encouraged to incorporate any clothing or props they desire.


No amount of safety or styling matters, if you can’t get to the studio.  This is why Studio Pup is entirely mobile.



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